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Years ago the food was amazing… then it went to shit in the last 5 years . But tonight we ordered and they seem to get it back .. hats off to the chef .. bravo It seems we’ll be ordering again if it stay this good

Went here yesterday with my family to try indian food for the first time and the overall experience was great. The waiter was very sweet and helped us a lot since we we were new to the food. They give free appetizers and dessert which is a bonus to the delicious food we were served. The outdoor seating in the back was also beautiful. We got the chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani and garlic naan. I recommend to everyone

Absolutely fantastic Indian food in Bay Ridge. Ever since India passage changed hands, we have been hard pressed to find a new place to go. The tandoori is right on the spot! Spicy and tender. We had tried the Boti kebab and chicken Tandoor, both were cooked excellent. The saag was not the style I like, but the lamb in it was perfectly done and it was seasoned nicely. I would pass on the onion pakoras next time, not enough onion for my taste. I will be a regular here for the tandoor for sure!

The aroma of warm spices and curry when you walk into the restaurant, I know I'm going take that smell home with me. The dining area looks romantic, from the fresh roses on the table, to the lighting. They offer a daily special 24/7. For $14.95, you get an appetizer, an entree, naan, and rice. I gotta tell you guys, it was alot of food for me, and yes, I'll admit it....I usually eat big portions. I chose the Alu Tikiyas for the appetizer part of my daily special. Never had this before and it's actually a potato cake made with chutney and chickpeas. Wasn't bad, crispy on the outside and creamy inside. All the sauces paired really well with them, sweet tamarind sauce and this spicy green one that's similar to a chili sauce. The naan is soft and fluffy, I dipped it in every single condiment they included with the entree and the appetizer. Among all the sauces on the table, mango chutney was my favorite. For the entree I went for the Chicken Tikki Masala, my to go at any Indian joint. Beautiful orange red color, creamy, sweet, and tangy, just like how it should be and it is the best tikki masala I've had. There was more than enough sauce to pour over all the rice and sopping my entire naan in. I think I've found my new joint for Indian food, but the hunt is still on.